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simplyred's Journal

12 February
-HAZARDOUS! ...And also;

Easily amused redhead here...what can I say...I love to laugh, despite being a 'staunch Realist'; i.e., the glass is neither half full, nor half empty...the glass is *often* just too damn BIG. ;-/
I'm an artist, (commissioned Portraiture, mostly - mixed-media) with an equally avid love for writing - and reading. Best Attributes; 'Genuine' - whether it's On-Line, or over that first cup of coffee in the morning; 'What_You_See_*IS* - 'What_You_GET'... (Although, my *Appearance* -WILL- improve as the day wears on - I PROMISE!! - ;-)
'Heart_Of_Gold', 'Empathetic', & Forgiving...often, to_a_fault.

I'm a Good Friend. Probably Because; I take My Friendships -very- seriously...I believe that they require Commitment, Loyalty, Nurturing, and sometimes, 'Hard WORK' - just like with any *other* 'Love-based relationship'. If WE met, 'bonded', & formed a true friendship; you'd have a friend in me for -life-. ...( Of course...*part* of the reason for that COULD
-possibly- be due to the fact that; 'Everything that I Let Go Of Has Clawmarks All Over It'...)

Ahhh! - '-RELATIONSHIPS-'! An area wherein MY 'Luck' *completely* -SUCKED-, **UNTIL**!;
Falling_Madly_In_Love with my very own 'Mr. Right', 1 & 1/2 yrs. ago.
Prior to that, there was; 'Mr. RIGHT-NOW',
'Mr. OhGodHeNEEDSMEBAD', 'Mr. Burgeoning-
Psychotic', 'Mr. If-My-Lips-Move-I'm-Lying',
-AND- My 'Pièce De Résistance'...I Met him On-Line...Spent 6 mos. 'Heavily_Infatuated' with his voice, his ICQ Prowess, typing speed, & Terminal_Charm...I believed that I had 'SO *MUCH* In_Common' with this Divorced, Self-Proclaimed; "Dedicated_Family_Man"!...We spent the *NEXT* 6 mos. doing -lots- of 'traveling-to-and-fro', whereupon I discovered that; a.) umm...
He_*had*_NO_ Children...& b.)'The_Family' to which he referred was Pretty_Darn_'DEDICATED' to HIM, too! I mean - Color *me* Deprived, BUT, MY Family -never- scans MY car for Bombs...OR, rents the Hotel Room next-to-mine... They never went -EVERYWHERE- with Me, -(while staying a 'Respectful' 100 yards or so behind) NOR have they carried on a 'Tradition'of;
'All_1RST_Names_Must_End_In_'Y'_' ~*Eventually*~ I realized that,
HIS concept of 'Family' was
just a *wee* bit different from _mine...(Like,
-mine- doesn't require a 'The' in front of it,
and, if I want to Go Someplace...they
LET_Me_LEAVE...) SO, we'll call HIM, 'Mr. --
well...um - I *could* tell you, but then, Of
Course, I *think* I'd have to kill you or
something...;-) ...I spent the -NEXT- 6 mo.
period trying to GET_AWAY_From_HIM...
Something that I preferred to do WITH my

THAT, at LAST accomplished, I -completely- 'SWORE_OFF_OF_LOVE' - AND - Anything that even
-smelled- _like_; D R A M A...

I've been a Single Mom for awhile now - BUT -
one who's TRULY madly in love with a 'Goom-bah
in PA', AND, Loved by him, in kind. I never
ever thought it would happen, but it did, and
I'm happier with him than I've honestly ever
been before in my life. If you want *details*
...well, pull up a chair & come on inside ;-)

My '~*Passion*~', ( *Besides* HIM ;-) AND My
Full-Time 'Job', since becoming disabled - is
raising my 4 Kiddos, ( Yep - I DID say -4-! )
to be open-minded, tolerant, independant, free
thinking, & compassionate human beings. ...Thus
far - I think it's going pretty well! Their
ages are; 15, 12 - and twins of 5...
(HMmmm...Can *YOU* guess who the 'accidents'
were...?? - BUT, once they start coming 'Two_At_A_Time'...you; 'Get_That_FIXED'!)
Ahhh - But they're the Light's of
My Life - The Lot of them!

Life Is GOOD. -
But Boy-Oh- Boy...
W.A.L.-Freakin'- S.T.I.B.!

Best advice I've ever received: "Don't take life
too seriously....no one ever gets out alive

The Creed that I Try to Live My Life By;

'Be Kind. Remember, Every Person that You Meet
Is Fighting a Difficult Battle.'


Calen; My 15 yr. Old Son., My ~*Heart*~. And,
my *only* boychild. He's incredibly
intelligent - AND - Far TOO aware of that fact.
The possessor of a rapier wit, BUT; -STILL-
~not~ AS funny as -he- thinks he is.
Yep...sounds like '15' to me! ;-)

Chelsea; My 12 yr. Old Daughter. The Apathetic
Owner of One Pig-Sty Bedroom.(I-Kid-You-NOT.)
Alternates between '*genuinely* sweet-as-
honey/bitch-on-wheels. Oblivious to her almost
*stunning* beauty. We are either 'Loving each
other to bits', Or; 'Fighting like cats &
dogs. There IS -NO- 'inbetween' for us.
She 'Became_A_Woman', several mos. ago - AND,
as -invariably- happens eventually when women
live together; Out 'Times_Of_The_Month' have
just *started* to coincide...Be_Afraid.
Be_*Very*_Afraid. ( o m g ...poor Calen...a
household of -FOUR WOMEN- and NO -other- male!!)

Savanna; 5 yrs. old. One of a pair. This
precious little girl has been through a -LOT-
in the last year of her life...but, has managed
to maintain a Spirit that can shake you with
it's beauty & purity. THIS kiddo is All_Heart.
AND...I got lucky - she's a ~*Cuddler*~! :-)

Trinity; 'The Other Half'...this little
redheaded ~*FIREBALL*~ was born Feet-First...
She 'Hit the Ground Running' - And has -NEVER-
stopped. Even while still 'In the Womb', when
concerns about her tiny-ness, in comparison to
her twin, prompted an Ultrasound, The Tech said
"Well, if THIS one would -EVER_QUIT_MOVING-...
she might GAIN some weight!" She was born 4
mins. AFTER Vanna - and if you *remind* her of
that fact; she WILL cry for hours and tell you
that; 'It's_NOT_FAIR! Savanna's OLDER!!'
She also happens to be HILARIOUS. This kiddo
WILL be voted 'Class_Clown' throughout her
school career - Trust Me on this one. You can
feel the energy & SPIRIT -radiate- off of this
wee one from a block away. Well...she -IS- a
RedHead, afterall. ;-)

Frank; My 'PA Goom-bah', and, the Love_Of_My_Life
My Romantic-Neurotic-Italian-Dude; He is
everything that I'd Given_Up on -ever- finding.
Gonna' Love Him 'Til I Die.

Cathy, aka, C.J.; The very Best Friend that a
girl could -Ever- ask for - and - we're talking
~**25 YEARS**~ here! She now lives in TX, which
is waayy_TOO_Far from IN, AND - 'though she HAS
an LJ ACCOUNT...(CJlaffs) she REFUSES to keep
an -actual- LJ!! What can I say...she's a
Bi-atch. Thank God/dess...or we *might* not
love each other the way that we DO.
My Beautiful CJ...I Love You! :-)

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